If you need more information, please contact us via email: testwp.net@gmail.com

  • Can I download with download manager ? (IDM and other)  – No. Download managers send multiple requests and create multiple connections to the server in a short space of time. The server has no way of knowing that the traffic is generated by software, so each request will count as a download and may result in exceeding your daily download limit.
  • Is there any limitation after purchase?Yes. Each Plugin/Theme could be download 02 times and download link will be expired in 1 hour. If you could not download in time due to some problems, please email us at testwp.net@gmail.com (including your purchased email, we will re-send plugin to your email)
  • How The Prices Are So Low? – All WordPress items such as plugins and themes are licensed under the General Public License (GPL). This means that once we have purchased the item we are free to redistribute it if we choose to do so. Your purchases on our site goes towards maintaining and buying the subscriptions to 3rd party theme and plugin authors. This form of crowd funding helps keep prices low, and we can then pass this benefit on to you.
  • Are The Plugins Original? – Yes, all the plugins and themes are obtained securely by downloading directly from the original authors, and we just redistribute it without changing the products.
  • Why Are These Plugins/Themes Asking Me For A License Key? – Ignore it. Developers include these so that the plugin or theme can update automatically or so that you can register for support. The item itself will work perfectly fine without anything being entered in the box. We would recommend updating your theme/plugins manually when updates become available on our site.
  • Why I See “License Activation” or “Upgrade to Premium” Message In My YITH Plugin ? Is This Free Version ? As I said before, Ignore it. These plugin are “PREMIUM” versions and you still receive all the premium functionality. License key only for unlock automatic update.
  • Do TestWP Provide License Keys? We cannot and won’t provide/lease/release/resell license keys. All the products offered in this website are licensed under GNU GPL License. You do not need any license keys to use them in as many of your projects you need. These plugins and themes only require license keys to get automatic updates from their authors.
  • How To Updates My Plugins / Themes ? Updates are provided if and when they are available from the original author. You can manually update by replace your old plugins / themes with new version.
  • Plugins Version Outdated. Can I Request New Version? Yes, You can open ticket, and we will update asap in business day. ( Normally less than 24 hours, except holidays period )
  • How to hide plugin updates and license activation warnings in my WordPress website? You can use this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/hide-plugin-updates-notifications/ ( Very useful )
  • Do TestWP Provide Support? We provide basic support for installing plugins and themes. If you need any major modification / advanced support, you can purchase from original author or hiring a developer .


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